Deck Materials

Treated Pine:
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This type of lumber is stronger than cedar and is the most common type of decking material. Treated pine lumber is also the least expensive type of deck we build because the lumber cost less than cedar or Trex. Treated pine lumber will shrink and warp much more than cedar because of the chemicals used to process the lumber.

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Cedar decks are the top of the line wood decks that we produce. With cedar lumber you get very little shrinkage or warping of the lumber. Cedar is usually dry when we install the deck which reduces the shrinking factor. Cedar decks cost approximately 25% more than treated pine decks because of the lumber only, both decks are normally built the same.

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Official Trex website:

Michigan Deck Builders is a qualified Trex Pro Building company registered with the Trex company. this means that we meet all of there standards for deck building and know the right way to work with Trex. Trex decks are normally built with Trex as the decking material and we use cedar railing.
Trex is a wood-plastic composite made primarily from equal parts of reclaimed hardwood sawdust and recycled polyethylene plastic. Trex decking need very little care, this makes it a great choice for those that want a low maintenance deck. Trex decks cost approximately 15-20% more than cedar decks.

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